Colabs Story

Colabs was founded in 2019 as the realisation of a project that had been in process for several years to deliver specialist laboratory testing to European practitioners. As Colabs was founded by clinicians advanced specialist testing is therefore an integral part of our DNA. Necessity, after all, is the mother of all invention!

At the forefront of our work are the patients that we still see every day in our own clinics. By sourcing solutions for them we are in turn able to deliver more specialised testing for other practitioners.

Colabs is therefore a portal for panels and practitioner partnership. The name Colabs is derived from the idea of a ‘Colaboratory' connection between specialised laboratories and practitioners, where we deliver the tests and the technical support to use those tests for optimal clinic outcomes. Our team personally have hand-picked and developed relationships with the laboratories that we collaborate with to ensure a high standard of testing services, knowledge, and corporate social responsibility. It is important that our values are aligned with the companies we work with.

The more we offer you, the more you can offer your clients.

Our clinical focus is on the barrier-biome environment; how do we interface and connect with our surroundings? What is likely to present a problem to us, what defences do we have, and how well are these working? The response to these questions then dictates how we then react to challenges that come our way. Ultimately as living organisms on a living planet we want to be able to collaborate well with our surroundings, so there is an enhanced positive connection. Health is ultimately about how well we do this, and with an increased amount of environmental challenges in the world today, maintaining our defences and good foundations of health throughout our body systems has never been more important. It is this interface and immune interaction, the detail of the ‘meet-point’ that inspires us daily.