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We offer education and testing relating to pioneering protocols.

Protocol one-stop-shop support for the Bredesen Protocol, Shoemaker Protocol and Prodrome Protocol has been brought to the European market by Colabs, and Colabs are also delighted to offer all relevant testing for Micro-Immunotherapy
our protocols

Metabolism/Glycaemic Flexibility/Nutrient status


DS853 Organic Acid Test

The Organic Acids Profile from Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory uses an easy-to-collect, first morning void specimen to evaluate organic acids in urine. Test results highlight areas of dysfunction that can be impacted by epigenetic, nutritional, environmental, lifestyle, and other key factors. Urine organic acids testing can help practitioners identify dysfunction in key metabolic pathways. Dysfunctional metabolic pathways can negatively impact mood, energy production, and overall health while also providing insight into nutrient insufficiency, diet composition, toxic exposures, and microbial metabolism. The personalized information generated in the Organic Acids Profile test report can establish a patient's baseline status and help practitioners customize protocols.


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