Q10642 APOE Genotype

This test reports on APOE genotype. ApoE is an apolipoprotein that has many roles in lipid regulation.

APOE is perhaps best known in recent years related to polymorphisms that encode e2, e3 and 34. There are therefore 6 possible genotypes e2/e2, e2/e3, e2/e4, e3/e3, e4/e3, e4/e4 which can all affect lipid levels.
E2/e2= increased triglycerides and reductions in total cholesterol
E4/e3 and e4/e4 = increased total thoclesterol, triglycerides and LDL cholesterol.

ApoE e4 carriers have a 42% higher risk for Cardiovascular Disease.
Statins has been shown to work more effectively in those with e2/e2 or e2/e3 genotypes.

E4 has been shown to be highly associated with Alzheimer’s and features highly in the work of Dr Dale Bredesen.