LM3786 Antibodies: Diabetes Related (GAD, insulin)

This panel is part of our series of specialised auto-immune panels.

Pre-Diabetes Panel considers cardio-metabolic factors as well as insulin/glucose status (Cardio IQ, Adiponectin, HbA1C, Fasting glucose, GGT).

When Type 1 Diabetes develops in later life, it is known as Latent Autoimmune Diabetes (LADA). When Glutamic Acid Decaboxylase (GAD) antibodies are positive this supports a diagnosis of LADA. GAD antibodies are part of the auto-immune process that contribute to the destruction of pancreatic beta cells. Insulin antibodies also contribute to the lowering of insulin levels. Around 30% of Type 1 Diabetes cases are diagnosed after the age of 30, with around 3-12% of adult diabetes cases being LADA.

Stiff Person Syndrome can be associated with very high levels of GAD antibodies.

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