IG601-SO Neurolipid Nutrients Profile 1 - Neuroscan Basic

Neurolipid profiles include transcription factors relating to ATP production, DNA adducts, and Cell-free DNA.

Also tested are key markers to understand energy production and mitochondrion function. NP1 includes a cellular toxin panel.

Included in NP1 are: DNA Adducts, SODase Activity & Gene Examination, GST Profile - Glutathione & -S-Transferase Studies, Metallothionein, Cell-free DNA, Translocators (TL), Cardiolipin Studies, Cellular Toxin (iEC) Panel – 24 Standard Substances (see 24 substances listing only mercury is listed here)

This test is a special order test as it can take a week for special order pax gene tubes to arrive. Please allow for this when ordering.